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PLEASE HELP!!! IMA and Check Engine light on...

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...and things are starting to act weird. It is a 2000 Insight with about 83,000. I bout the car about 6 months ago used. The IMA light was on for a few weeks, and I foolishly ignored it, not knowing what it meant. Then the engine light came on last night. I noticed a subtle difference in the power almost immediately.

I called a couple independent shops this morning, and one of them said my battery pack could be shot; he recommended taking it to the dealer, thinking I might slide by on the 80,000 warranty. I'd hate to pay for the full monty. I made an appointment for tomorrow at Los Gatos Honda. I live in Campbell, Ca. Has anyone been in this situation? I tried a couple of searches, but didn't find anything. Any recommendations?? :cry:
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Will Shanks said:
Thanks for the encouragement. it may have been right around 80,000 when it started.

We got full warranty coverage at 83K. Good luck!!!
Will Shanks said:
Good news! My dealer worked it out with Honda Corporate, and they are covering the whole enchalada! New BCM, MCM, IMA battery at 83K, just like Jeff's experience. Just thought I'd share my experience for the info of others. Unfortunately, the turnaround on the BCM and MCM is 4 to 6 weeks, so I'm driving my gas guzzling Chevy truck in the interim (but at least I have something to drive).

Good deal! It did take quite a while for ALL the parts to arrive. The battery has to be delivered on a placarded truck as it is considered hazardous stuff. That took the longest for us to arrive. I guess it was a total of five weeks. Once the battery came in, it was a matter of hours before we drove the I home.

We just got the replacement for the Insight. A '95 Geo Prizm w/ 100K miles. We bought it from her parents. It is in immaculate condition. A good second car for now.
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