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Polished Aluminum Insight?

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In the airplane world polished aluminum is considered one of the ultimate treatments to give an airplane.

The Insight is almost all aluminum right? could we polish it? what about polishing some racing stripes into it?

anyways, this is my first post, i hope to buy an Insight tonight or tomorrow - I am sure I'll be around.
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I cited the Delorean because they tried to paint the plastic nose to match the bare metal of the car. IMHO, It looked ugly (The nose paint, not the car).

The exterior plastic bits painted body color on the insight are the front and rear bumper covers, the front fenders, the rear wheel spats, the rocker panels, the rear view mirrors, the cover of the A pillar that goes up the roof and the hood mounted nozzles. Get out photoshop and picture of an insight, paint these parts a contrasting color. I don't think I'd like the results. Face it, the body is almost as much plastic as AL.
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