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I couldn't agree more. It's a shame to destroy something priceless and irreplaceable. Didn't I see something about a willing buyer who'll keep it as it is? And haven't I seen offers from forum menbers who'll donate money to keep it as it is? I'll join this group. Isn't this the same to you as parting out ALL of the parts, except you don't have to do any work? This is just wrong. Please re-think your position.

Yes I can rethink my position but the result comes out the same. I think that over the past thirty years there has been a change in the psychological atmosphere in western societies. There has been a rise of absolutism and market thinking. Market truths were offered and they were touted as economic laws. Nuance was replaced with certainty and discourse was subjected to the toxic effects of market money and dark money at that. We have seen the rise of industry funded manipulations that frame issues, torque truth and move opinions into positions that are counter to the real interests even to those that espouse them, for example the voting result in Florida this past week, a state that, within a lifetime, will be inundated with seawater.

We have slouched our way into this mess. We are on the brink of the extinction of "priceless and irreplaceable" species, massive refugee movements, war, killing weather, coastal flooding and cascading effects caused by melting permafrost and ocean acidification. I like to live by the idea that we should think globally but act locally. We should all try to do the small things that will help and brave the criticism for doing so. I am suggesting a compromise on the fate of this little car. May its heart and kidneys go to a worthy recipient.

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Note: This post is mostly political and off-topic in this forum section. It has been moved to the lounge section. Please do not post content in inappropriate sections.


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Here is rhall's latest post which got lost in the move to the lounge:

The car is still sitting untouched though there is someone hoping he gets the transmission and is waiting to see how all of this turns out. I intend to contact mudder soon. Let's see what happens. Maybe we can all come away happy.

On extremist thinking: As someone who is first an environmentalist then a car buff I don't know how any thinking person today can not be an extremist if they care a jot about the future. From my point of view, saving the cutaway Insight is insignificant: is it more worth saving that the swaths of animal species that we are losing every year? Let's get our priorities straight. Let's shine a spotlight on the Denial Industry who I consider to be committing crimes against humanity. Without their propaganda money the EPA and the Paris Accord would not be at risk, in fact we might even have gotten the jump on runaway emissions if not for the delays this sick industry created. See the books Lies, Incorporated: The world of Post-Truth Politics and also Dark Money. For a sick laugh try the movie Thank You for Smoking.

On the value of the parts mudder suggests:

-two left wheels
-right mirror
-catalytic converters
-instrument panel
-left headlight
-left seat
-left tail light
-air bags
-steering wheel

but misses:

entire rear running gear brakes and shocks
complete front suspension brakes shocks, axles, lower arms with ball joints, hubs and bearings
complete brake and fuel line assemblies including the tank and straps
complete emissions gear
all door actuators
some underbody panels
both cooling systems, rads, condensers etcetera
new driver's seat with clean seatbelts
rear hatch with working defrost
two new wheels
tires that may be good- yes they may!
new steering system

Aside from monetary exchange rates I'm guessing Honda Canada's prices are triple Majestic prices in terms of hours worked to buy the part. There are very few junkyard parts here and if you want a rust-prone part like a cat, a driveshaft or anything at the rear you can forget it. What I am saying is that the car has much more value as a parts car in Canada than in the US. As a donor car it could save many others, cars that otherwise would be uneconomical to repair. There are lots of borderline Insights here. I see them all the time.

On the Antique Road Show idea of value.
I think this is nonsense. Let's say the car had a stupidly high value due to its originality. Well why would I give it away for someone else to cash in? No, the car is priceless in the sense that it doesn't have a price. It's both useless and valuable. It's value to me is that the parts are readily available and easy to remove because I don't have to fight rust. In Canada it could keep many Insights going that will hit the junkyard very soon. Most people who I see for repairs come to me because the dealer is too expensive. They are in a new social category of precariously employed. There is even a word for it now: the Precatiat. I'm with them and am insulted to see armchair curators comfortably blogging from a workdesk computer while they get paid. To them I suggest they do what George Orwell did and walk among the poor.

Concerning on-line brainstorming
When opinions degenerate into flames open and loosey-goosey brainstorming dies. It becomes bullying. Nobody came up with the option that the parts go into another chassis, say an Aquamarine, like Pete's. That would be fun. It would give us a handling and performance benchmark that few of us can remember. But that never came up. Instead we got hostility and name-calling. I'm a tough guy and can handle that but I can't tolerate misogeny. Is it part of the new "authenticity" that you can speak your id, your lizard brain, your feelings and it's all OK? politically correct speech got rid of a lot of very offensive speech and we are all better off for that.

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Check your facts

I'm with them and am insulted to see armchair curators comfortably blogging from a workdesk computer while they get paid. To them I suggest they do what George Orwell did and walk among the poor.
Check the time stamp of any of my posts. I am not being paid to
your lizard brain
And whose is name calling now.

Randall....on the short list
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