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Howdy – this is my first time posting, finally as a PHEV/EV/hybrid intender! After lurking through a slew of green car forums for the past few months, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of threads regarding mobile phone interoperability for the new generation of PHEV/EVs.

I’ve also been keeping up with the apps being introduced by the OEMs and others. And it got me thinking – what is the most predominant phone used by PHEV / EV drivers? Nielsen just released the following info on overall phone OS market share, and I figured – let’s see how our niche of the market compares!

I went ahead and made a short 60 second survey on qualtrics (loved using this in school). I figured I’d post it on the car forums I frequent, and then after a week or so, I’ll post the results.

Full disclosure: I’m working on a project where the info will be more than helpful, but I hoped posting the results would be interesting for the community. The survey has been live for a week or so, and I've already posted it on some other forums. Feel free to answer if you’re curious…
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