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poor gas mileage

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I recently purchased a 2002 automatic Insight from a dealership. On the trip home (125 miles) I averaged 41 mpg! This is so far from the 65 - 67 mpg I expected that I am very concerned about a malfunction (although the vehicle passed its 18-point inspection perfectly). Does anyone have any suggestions on where to begin the troubleshooting process? :(
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Try searching the Forum for tips, but there are five basics to consider:

Does your Insight have the original low rolling resistance tyres? They should be Bridgestone RE92's in America.

Are the tyres pumped up properly? They should be at least at 36psi, many Insight owners go higher into the 40's to lower rolling resistance further - at your own risk. Many dealers reduce tyre psi to give a more comfortable test ride.

How fast were you driving on the way home? The Insight (and most other cars) are at their most economical between 45 - 55mph. Each time you double your speed it takes four times as much energy (laws of physics).

Is the IMA system and/or 12V battery in your Insight healthy? If you were on the receiving end of recalibrations (when the IMA gauge suddenly drops to zero in a reset) then this will also impact your MPG.

Is your A/C running on full (auto)? Having the A/C running on full can reduce your MPG by as much as 5 MPG (also applies to other cars). Hit the Econ button whenever it is comfortable to do so.

Hope this helps!
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