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Hi Folks

I have owned both vehicles for over 20 years now.

In August 2012, I replaced the big batteries on both vehicles with new upgraded Mile-High built batteries myself.

In Nov-Dec of 2019, both batteries started failing. (That month, for both vehicles, I replaced all brakes and spec tires (about $1,000 per vehicle).

In spring of 2020, I had the invoice for batteries for both, but Bumble-bee was shut down for COVID.

I though I would do them both this spring (2021), but other things came up.

Just 4 weeks ago, my current employer told me that I could work from home forever now (I work in IT). So, I'm faced with a dilemma, I already have 2 great non-hybrid vehicles (2013 and 2017), I'm an old man, and even if the Insights had the big batteries replaced, I hardly do ANY driving now (and it's not unusual that my other 2 vehicles are having brakes rust up just from lack of driving).

So, I'm at a point now where I'm considering selling one or both (if I sell just one, I'm keeping the 2001 which has only about 125K miles).


2000-silver-manual, I think about 220K, with a life-time average MPG of around 65-66
2001-blue-manual, I think about 125K, with a life-time average MPG of around 63

-last time I started them was in the spring and both are good runners, with NO issues.

-they have been in a modern barn, cement floor, loaded with moth balls to keep the mice out for the last 2 years

- new tires and brakes have less than 50 miles on them

zip code is 48118 - USA


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