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Post your recal behavior

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Ok, I though since there was some talk about recals and the like I though maybe we should post it here to maybe see if there is a pattern.

For the purposes of this a recal is where the SOC gague suddenly falls to 0 bars and goes in to a force charge mode.

In my observation the older Insight's will recalibrate if left in auto stop for longer than a few minutes. CVT's do not seem to exhibit this behavior to date.

Anyways, I'm thinking we want a year, miles, recal occurance, driving terrain and climate to perhaps to try and establish a trend.

My car is a 02 5 speed with 25,000 miles on it. I've had one recalibration durring the whole time I've had the car. This was under the worst possible conditions. Up a steep hill, summer on a 110 degree day with the air on pretty heavily. Unlike the older cars I've been in I can leave it in auto stop for hours on end and it won't recalibrate. I think this might have been fixed with the new ECU on the 00 and 01's. The only other recalibrations I've ever seen were induced by myself pulling the 12 volt to do whatever I needed to do.
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recals in MYBRID

My recals started around 12k miles. First rarely, then every 500 miles on average in the summer. Still rarely in the winter. Sometimes two recals can be within <100 miles of each other. But it depends on my driving, too. In the summer, the car pretty consistently recalibrates if the SoC gets below 12 bars, higher if the last recal was longer ago.

I'm now at 60k miles and the winter is giving me a break from recalibrations again. Next summer, before the 80k warranty expires, I plan to start a fight with the dealerships service department to try to get a new battery. Wish me luck!
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