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ecogrl said:
I'm going on a road trip this weekend. Besides a fluid level check and a tire pressure check, is there anything specific to Insights I should do before I take it out for a long haul?

Mine is a 2000 manual with a little over 43000 miles. I have only owned it a month. I haven't done anything to it except wash it and refuel.

And the question on everyone's mind planning a reply is, "How long will the trip be?" <g>

An Inspection of the overall condition would be a good idea. Unless your prepared for trouble on the road. And especially since you don't seem to know the maintenance history of your new Insight.

Nothing major is due by mileage yet, but the engine air filter, cabin air filter were due for replacement @30K miles. A skillful inspection can go a long way in identifying needed items before additional damage is done. e.g. any leaks, visual condition of cooling system hoses, tire condition, etc.

If you don't know when the next oil change is due. Do it before the trip.

HTH! :)
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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