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Willie - Why in the world would you go to Mesquite?

Anyway, it wouldn't have mattered if I had posted my route and times because I got lost and ran off schedule. Figures. Next time I won't go alone - no matter how guilty my parents make me feel for never visiting. :/

Sparky - that sounds right. Prii. Thanks :)

B1 - About test drives.... People ask me to give them rides, too. I used to say, "wanna drive it?" But after I let my dad drive it this weekend I wont be asking that. I was SOOOO nervous! My dad is just not a very good driver, I've realized. I think his eyesight is horrible. He almost gave me a heart attack when he went to park. I thought I might lose my bumper and scrape the side.

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Just had some friends move from Campo to Mesquite. Good way to get a free meal and a beer.
I've had some other INSIGHTERS drive the "LITTLE RED ROCKET" and also get nervous about it. (You listening John W?) but get over it real quick when I see the smile on their face.
I used a passenger as a navigator once and he let me miss three different turn offs. Ended up going about 200 miles out of my way, but still enjoyed the trip. Every trip is an "adventure"...................... :twisted:
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