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Just purchased this car. Killing me to know if I got a good deal.
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Honda Insight EX 2021
Invoice: 23229
MSRP: 24810
Destination and handling: 955
Premium Color White: 395
Total MSRP: 26160

Selling Price: 22414
TTL: 2586
OTD: 25000

Some dealer add ons I got waived:
Wheel locks
Clear Shield (Kinda useless but door protects edge and handles)
Theft Protection

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Did you like what you paid? If so, full stop.
What he said. Forget about the other people and enjoy the hell out of the car.

I've bought dozens of cars over the decades. Besides the first new one, I don't remember a single price, I just remember the cars.

FWIW... I paid $4,005 for a brand new 1974 VW Rabbit ("Miami Blue" with a white interior, manual tranny, and a AM radio). Now, I know $4,005 sounds cheap for a new car, but adjusted for inflation, that's $21,366.

Now, you paid about 3.5k more for a car that's about a hundred thousands times better than my Rabbit was, so I'm saying you got yourself a deal! And if you love your Insight half as much as I did my Rabbit, you're golden.

Go for a drive and have some fun, willya?

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Please include your location in your Profile, as ALL G1 Insighters have done.
Thank you.
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