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please pardon my ignorance, but i'm trying to help out a friend who's too lazy to figure this out on his own... the other day i borrowed my friend's 2002 Insight and figured i'd thank him by putting in a few bucks' worth of gas. i had a hard time putting in more than about 0.07 gallons at a time (before the pump clicks off like it does when the tank's full), and i gave up after 1 gallon. i asked my friend about it and he said that it's done that the entire time he's owned the car (about 3 months) and that he just puts in a gallon at a time.

is there some special trick to this, or should my friend take this thing to the dealer and have them figure it out?

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Hi pman81 and welcome to the forum :!: :D

Sounds like somethings broken to me.

Unfortunately theres a good probability its gonna be expensive too :!: :(
(R&R the fuel tank to find the obstruction)

Still 1 gal = 50+ miles for most Insighters. :)

Reads like he's a round towner kinda guy. :p
(Can't imagine taking this Insight on a long trip with this filling problem)

HTH! :)

Vapor Boot

I've run into annoying 'Vapor Boot's' before (the accordian-like hood over the nozzle that you have to compress).

Instead of using it correctly... compress the hood manually and fuel as normal. Smell/vapor/gas on hands a small price to pay for a full tank of gas.

hope this helps...
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