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well, i have been driving my insight for a week and a half. commuting to work and errands around town. 58mpg on the first tank. its got lmpg of 60.3, so 58 is not too bad, considering i keep hot-rodding it to show it off.

mods so far: very-high-mounted brake light. hot intake air duct, but no connection to the cat area yet. carbon fiber-looking license plate frames. quite sharp looking, actually. stereo swiped from the grand wagoneer. oem door speakers, but super tweeters mounted at the top of the windshield, and a 10" bass tube (soon to be disassembled and stuffed in the right-hand hidey-hole in back).

soon to do: install my new set of cheapy fog lights next to the front license plate, wired as DRLs.

eventually to do: paint job and MIMA! turbo would be mucho cool too :twisted:

having a blast!

andy g.

ps: i blasted past a red insight last night on my way home, route 199 in williamsburg. anybody from here?
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