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In driving Hurricane (2001, manual) up and down from our N. California mountain ranch to town, I've noticed that pulse and glide driving in some of the lower gears makes the mpg display exceed 100 mpg, even on an uphill grade. It takes some time and skill to get the car into this "slot", but once there, the car will stay until I change gear or road conditions change.
I am amazed at the apparent 100 mpg or over indication while climbing.
Using the cruise control, I can barely make it stay above 45-50.

My speed during climb is about 25-35. I start the pulse and glide technique in second, watching the mpg indicator bump up to over 50, then get into 3rd and continue. Within a couple of P&G cycles, I can get the indicator up over 100, and often to 150.

I had noticed that mountain driving was making my lifetime MPG display slip from 72 to 70, then (major trauma!) to 69.9. Right now it is sitting at 69.3 and has been there ever since I started the P&G.

I punch the pedal down pretty quickly, so the MPG indicator may not have time to register the increase, and release it before the indicator has dropped past 100. Estimating the glide time is fairly important. If you end it too soon you wont get this effect.

The only problem is that this seems too good to be true. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

I was hoping that if the effect was real, my lifetime MPG would start creeping back up, but so far it hasn't. Is the Insight fooling its MPG indicator or am I fooling myself?

"Insight" would be appreciated.

"Hurricane, 2001 Manual Transmission Insight, 69.3 mpg lifetime at 169,000 mi, battery replacement by Honda early 2007 for $1500 (Thanks to Honda USA for making the local dealer back down from the original $3,000 price. I was willing to pay something, since Hurricane was over the 150,000 mile mark.) Lives in the mountains and crosses a creek whenever I take her to town. Named because she was in Southeast Texas during Hurricanes Rita and Katrina Tough, gutsy little car. Love her!"
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