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Purchase 2005 Insight this Sat.

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I have tracked down a new 2005 Insight. Will be picking it up this Saturday. Really looking forward to some gas savings!

It may seem odd. But me or the wife have never even had the chance to drive one. When we decided to purchase one. There are none in the area to test drive. So we are buying it blind out of state. Hope it's not a mistake?

Wife has a small business that has her driving approx 100 miles a day. Our current Auto a 2005 Honda Pilot is getting 17-19 MPG. Hope to save some $ at the pump.

Anything I need to know before I make this purchase? Problems etc...?

Thanks Kevin
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I just did the same thing (nearly) last month.

Hi Kevin,

Last month, I had to replace my daily work car. I have about a 60 miles roundtrip drive (mostly highway). None of the local Honda dealers had an 05 Insight. I finally found one in a smaller town about 75 miles away. So one Saturday, I got a friend to take me down there and I bought after a short test drive.

That was about a month ago, I know have about 1200 miles or so on it. Mine is the CVT version (I wanted MT, but couldn't find a new one - except a long distance away) - I think the engine and such is still breaking in, but I am getting consistently mid to high 50's in MPG with an ocassional 60 or so segment.

So far it seems to be just what I wanted.

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