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At: Honda Insight CVT Automatic | eBay And a few bids while you're at it wouldn't hurt.
I will start it out at $2000 but I need a second bidder. You can bid $1900 and still be safe. And this is not bid rigging. I will buy that car for my $2000 bid if Ati wants to end it now which I suspect will not be the case.

EDIT: got you $2000 with over 9 days to go. Good luck.

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This is an absolutely gorgeous car. Seen it twice in person. (Actually, saw it on I-495 back in 2011 or 2012). I didn't realize so much has been done to it. About the only thing left for the new owner is removing and washing the seat covers.

And the presentation (pictures, description, documentation, etc) is also amazing. Very professional.
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