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Question about 2002 Insights

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I don't know if this is the proper section to ask this, but does anyone knwo how many 2002 Insights were manaufactured and specifically the CVT model which I own.
I need to know this in order to consider if I wish to hold onto my vehicle for many years for possible appreciation if number manufactured was small.
Thanks for any responses.
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Hi Salty, I don't know. But my guess is, about 510 manual transmission, and about 380 CVT's were sold in the US for model year 2002. My first Insight was a 2002. I know fewer were produced, compared to 2001.

More importantly, I believe your premise is incorrect, regarding resale value/scarcity. Although it is true that, especially with a future rise in gas prices, the Insight's relatively low production numbers MAY fuel a collector car status, a 2002 likely won't be any more desired than a 2003 or 2001, etc. In other words, ANY Insight that is clean, well maintained, and has LOW MILES on the odometer will fetch the higher resale dollars. Of course, to an extent, the last 2 model years, '05 and '06, would have a price advantage just being newer. Billy......
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