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Hi Everyone,

I have been interested in Insights for a while now but thought that it would be longer before I could afford one on my meager budget! Anyway, I have a question about whether a used Insight that is for sale by where I live is a good deal.

The car: 2000 Insight, 5-speed, 106K miles, one owner, stock, but with no AC, 60.6 lmpg, asking $5000 firm. I have driven the car and it seems to drive fine - no obvious problems; however the body has several dings and there is some sight damage on both the front and rear fenders. Also the interior is generally okay but the previous driver was a smoker and there are several burn marks and such on the driver's door. The guy who is selling the car has 3 Insights and does all of the routine maintenance himself. He changes the oil and filter, rotates the tires, etc., but said that he has only changed the air filter once (seems unusual since he lives on a dusty, gravel road). Also, he said that the brakes are all original and that he has only replaced the tires once. I am wondering if there is not much interest in Insights where I live (mid-Missouri) and I imagine that not having AC would be a problem for most potential buyers, but does $5000 sound like too good a deal? I generally believe that you get what you pay for with used cars, but I don't want to pass up a great deal!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, because I really do want this car!


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