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Questions on Buying a Car Out of State

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Thanks to everyone who provided input on my last post regarding purchasing questions...the responses really helped with our decision!

We have decided to go with the Insight (over the civic hybrid) and are thinking of purchasing one out of state because we found the right color, options, etc. Is buying a car out of state a big hassle? Does anyone know how this works? Do you have to pay tax in both states? How does this effect the paperwork:?:

Any info is appreciated...

Mark & Heather
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i have purchased two cars out of state, one in new jersey and one in illinois. both times the dealers in those states put my missouri plates on the new car, with a sticker in the rear window and sent me back to missouri to pay the sales tax. you only pay the tax in the state you live in.
Some dealerships out of state will collect your states sales tax, some let you go pay it.
If you live in CA...

If you live in California you have to be certain that the car you are buying has the exact same equipment cars sold in California has, or you won't be able to bring it into the state. This applies to all cars with under 7,500 miles.
For California, if the car is 50 state smog legal but doesn't have the CA smog stamp on the engine. All you have to do is get it smogged in CA before it can be registered.

I hadn't heard that. I was going on this from the California DMV website, which makes the law sound even stricter than what I posted above:

What should a California resident look for when buying a new vehicle from another state?

California residents are prohibited from importing, purchasing, or leasing a new vehicle from another state, unless the vehicle was manufactured for sale in California and the Environmental Protection Agency label certifies the vehicle has California smog equipment. California considers a new vehicle to be any vehicle with less than 7,500 miles on the odometer at the time it is purchased or aquired.
I just purchased a 2000 5sp in Ohio. I found it online and the dealer was very friendly and helpful (I also got the car for under Bluebook)! They didn't collect sales tax at the sale, I had to pay that in Michigan when I titled the car. The title was the only thing I had to change (from Ohio to Michigan title) and the dealership payed for it. It was very easy to do.

Hope that helps.
Re: California...

Insighter said:
I hadn't heard that. I was going on this from the California DMV website, which makes the law sound even stricter than what I posted above:

Well it's true. I know a few people that have bought new Corvettes from out of state and had no problems. It's engine is 50 state smog legal. When buying one that was not made for sale in California (meaning the CA engine stamp), all they had to do was get it smogged. If it does have the engine stamp then you don't have to get it smogged.
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