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I don't have a Gen2, but this is kinda straightforward.

Search, look for "Cooling Fan" under the parts choice list.

The damage suggests that turning motors ripped into the spline after the bolts loosened. I don't have a Gen2 for comparison. Easy enough to test by disconnecting and supplying power.

You could try finding a replacement bolt/washer and reattach, filling with JB-Weld to augment the interface to what's left of the splines and giving it a couple of days before trying it? But then you risk it failing unnoticed until the car is actually damaged by another overheat event. If you go this route, maybe use some thread locker on the bolts (I would use the removable stuff, not the "never take it out again" stuff.)

As to the question of malice, I can think of ways the bolts can loosen. Long ago, a tire shop did an unwanted "brake inspection"; I checked the brakes myself soon after to find that the dust boot around the calipers was displaced. Was the technician checking for a leak around the piston seals and forgot to replace it? or was it sabotage to ensure a speedier return? Who knows, but I do know that most (all?) of the time I was certain that fault fell on others, I eventually discovered (sometimes very uncomfortably) that it fell on me. So... fix it and give it no more thought!

Good luck!
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