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Hi, Thanks in advance! 2010 Honda Insight LX

I found a problem in the summer. BOTH the A/C condenser fan and engine cooling (radiator) fans were not working as they should.

Backstory/discovery: I am in Canada, so the amount of time this took to discover was several months. I rarely need A/C, and I it did work a little bit - I assumed that the A/C maybe had leaked, and was not in a rush to have it fixed. Then, one day the engine overheated and stalled on a HOT summer day in heavy traffic (no air blowing over the radiator due to no forward momentum). Also, there is NO engine temperature guage on the dash to indicate the engine was overheating. These issues could have been present for a very long time, even since I bought it used around 2016.

I immediately took the car to a shop to look at the engine stalling issue, and was told both fans needed to be replaced because the blades were broken off the shafts. They had no parts available, I didn't trust the shop, and I needed my car - so I drove away. When I got home, I looked for parts online and, after a few days, I looked under the hood myself. I found that the fan blades on both fan motors were not connected, and it looks like the blades are attached by a (missing) screw, and not actually broken. I asked the shop, but they didn't know if they had disconnected the blades from the shaft.


  1. It seems very suspicious to me that both fan motors would have their blades break or separate from the motor shaft. Is this common? Could this be a bad repair or even sabotage from long ago?
  2. Can these blades be re-attached (see picture below for example)? There is some damage to the teeth where the blades atach to the shaft, but nothing major at all.
  3. Perhaps the fan motors are still turning, but not connected to the blades? If I leave the car running, and run the A/C could I test the A/C condenser fan motor easily? Similarly, is there anyway to force the engine cooling fan to run to test that motor? It only runs if the engine temp is high enough.

Thank you!

Picture of one of the fan blades:

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