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Hello. I just had a similiar issue, the driver's side fan was fallen off from the frame. Honda Insight ZE2 2009 LHD

Original part was out of question in the EU region, the price was overwhelming. I went on an bought these items for the project:
You will also need some cable-ties to fasten the new fan it at the bottom, or you can try and do it the right way with the Mishimoto fasteners, but that will need some more disassembly and maybe you are able to do it from the bottom by removing the plastic under plate. I was in a hurry so sorry for the lack of pictures and the lack of professionality.

First you need to remove air intake hose and the top coolant hose. It would be nice if you can somehow plug or squeeze the hose, so that you do not need to add much coolant after. Be sure to add more coolant after this project and run the car hot without the coolant cap on to make sure you bleed all the air out of the system (HONDA TYPE-2 coolant).

Remove the wire at the top of the radiator fan frame, try not to break the plastic fasteners.

3. Remove the radiator fan frame and the coolant container, you need a 10mm socket for this.

4. Cutting the frame. So what I did I cut off the top and bottom part illustrated in this very awesome picture.
Font Wood Metal Grass Pattern

5. Cut the old connector wires and solder those to the new fan. Be sure to check in which way you want the fan to blow [+] and [-] . I soldered the wires the way that it blows to the radiator not away from it. If I remember correctly the Mishimoto black was [+] and mishimoto blue was [-]. Better to test it yourself.

6. I lowered the new fan in and let it sit at the bottom of the radiator. There is 2 places to attach the cable-ties to, the two places where the old fan frame was sitting in. I used cable-ties to attach the two lower fasteners, but leave them somewhat loose for now, because you want to attach the top first!

7. Attach the top part of the fan with the Mishimoto Electric Fan Mounting Kit mount tie kit. I used 2 of these funny looking cable-ties to attach the fan trough the radiator.

8. Tighten the cable-ties at the bottom and check that the new fan is correctly fitted and not wobbling/swinging.

9. Let the lower piece of the old radiator fan frame lie where it belongs, so you can lower the coolant container to that.

10. Attach the top part of the old modified frame back into where it belongs, and attach all the disassembled parts.

11. Be sure to add more coolant and run the car hot without the coolant cap on to make sure you bleed all the air out of the system (HONDA TYPE-2 coolant).

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Hopefully this helps someone. It took around hour and a half to do this (mostly because I did not have the right plyers for the top coolant hose) :LOL:

Some crazy stuff this car is making us do.


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