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Radio connector

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When I bought the speakers and stereo yesterday at the local Crutchfield for my Honda Insight that should be arriving in about a month (Me? Impatient?) they said that Honda changed the wiring harness for radios in 2001. The old one was wide and flat. The new one is more square.

Since this will be a 2003 Insight, he gave me the newer, more square adapter, but since the Insight's cassette-radio hasn't changed since 2000, I'm wondering if I shouldn't have gotten the older-styled adapter. Does anyone here know which I should have?
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Wierd. On my 2002 the wiring harnesses were the same. When I talked to the guy on the phone I told him Insight, but as he was checking I just said it woulnd't be in their data base and just specified 2002 Civic for the wiring adaptors and the right ones came. But I would have to describe the harnesses as wide and fat over square.

So I guess that rules out them changing for 2001, I suppose that doesn't necessarily mean 2003 is not different.
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