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Rattle from cargo area

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Has anyone experienced a rattling noise coming from their cargo area? My 2001 right hand drive Insight makes a kind of soft rattling noise when driving on the bumpy roads common round my way.

I assume the noise is coming from above the cargo bay floor, as I’ve put down some sound proofing material on this area to kill road noise, and this hasn’t affected the rattling. I’ve taken it into the dealer who replaced the gas struts – this seemed to shut it up for about 10 miles before it started rattling again (I’ve checked the bolts which are still tight).

The car is still under warranty, however any suggestions people could give me would be much appreciated so I can pass them on to the dealer.
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I've got em too. Haven't been able to completely stop them either. Rattles are one of the hardest things to find too. One rattle I did have that I was able to fix was a pop fastener that I unknowingly shattered while putting one of the panels back on the car. I finally figured out what it was and about a buck later that one stopped. Problem is the suspension on an Insight is so stiff rattles seem to start pretty easily.
In case you haven't checked, make sure the spare tire, car jack, and tools are secure and not moving about.
I had that too and I checked and double checked everything (hatch struts, spare, etc.) and it finallt went away.
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