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Rattle on rear right

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I am just getting used to my used 2001 CVT. Tell me if this is normal. When I go over a rough part of the road, either repaved area where it's been torn up or a pothole or a manhole cover, I get a rattle that seems to come from the right rear wheel area as I go over this. On a straight away road that's smooth I don't have it. Only going over bumps in the road. Is there something under there that gets loose? Or is this just normal with the suspension and the bumps.

Thanks, guys
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I had a rattle from the rear on MIZR once after getting him back from service. It was one of the rear skirts had not been correctly "hooked" back on to the clips at the top of the skirt. Also I have had to slightly "tweak" the clips on the skirts after removing them several times. I just push in on the end of the clips and all is well again. You really dont want to lose a skirt as My son lost one on the wifes Insight, $360.00 later it is back on.
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