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Rattle on rear right

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I am just getting used to my used 2001 CVT. Tell me if this is normal. When I go over a rough part of the road, either repaved area where it's been torn up or a pothole or a manhole cover, I get a rattle that seems to come from the right rear wheel area as I go over this. On a straight away road that's smooth I don't have it. Only going over bumps in the road. Is there something under there that gets loose? Or is this just normal with the suspension and the bumps.

Thanks, guys
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It sounds like it is on the outside underneath

really having to do with the wheel, axle area. I was wondering about the shock absorber, really on that side. I notice it more at low speeds--20 mph, going over manhole covers for example than at 40-45 mph cruising on a long stretch. It is particularly noticeable if the left rear wheel goes over a bump and the right doesn't. I plan to take it into the dealer and get it checked, soon. It could be the skirt, I will have to check it, but since it is new to me, hope I can tell. Thanks a lot.
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