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A copy of the Forum Rules are provided below for your convenience but please be sure to check the OFFICIAL RULES posted in the help section for the latest version. Thanks.

In an ideal world the following rules would not be necessary and for the majority of our members they aren't. However, please read the rules if you have just joined the forum, and return to this post to consult them whenever you have any doubts about site policies. We thank you for your cooperation

ALL USERS MUST AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING RULES. By participating in this forum, you agree to abide by these rules:

1. Remember to abide by all forum and site rules, which can be found in the site terms.
2. Limit one (1) forum account and/or user name per person.. Each forum member may only take out one (1) user account. Multiple accounts and/or user names are strictly forbidden and will be deleted.
3. Use of any information posted in the forum the purpose of producing a similar index, setting up a mailing list or sending any type of promotional materials is expressly forbidden without the prior written permission of
4. ADVERTISING of any kind is strictly prohibited. Posts that advertise a product, service or anything else will be subject to deletion. The ONLY exception is for the sale of Insight-related items, which must be posted in the Buy/Sell section of the forum and must abide by the additional rules posted in that same section. If you are unsure whether your post will be considered advertising, please contact one of the moderators prior to posting.
5. When posting in any of the sections, please stay on-topic. If a discussion gets too far removed from the purpose of these boards, it may be deleted by one of our moderators.
6. No cross posting or duplicate posting. Please do not post the same thing in multiple threads and do not create multiple threads in different sections of the forum (cross posting) or within the same section (duplicate posting). Any such threads or posts are subject to deletion.
7. Please do not use ALL CAPS in your posts, post titles, user name or profile. As most of you know, use of CAPS signifies screaming in "netiquette." (The only exception is the title of this post, which is in caps in order to make it easier to find.)
8. Please only use images in your posts when you feel they are absolutely necessary (i.e. for your car Modifications). Do NOT post any images which are not of the Insight without first consulting with a moderator or the site admin. If the image is not absolutely necessary, use a link to the image on another server, rather than incorporating it into your post using the "img" function. No image may exceed the maximum size of 450x450 pixels (6.25"x6.25"), without prior moderator approval. We have also disabled the use of images in signatures. Please remember that images use precious bandwidth. Any pictures that are unrelated to the Insight will be subject to deletion.
9. Please do not post political, religious or other opinions which may offend others. We know that certain issues are very important to you and you may want to share these with the other forum members but always remember to be diplomatic and use wording that will not offend or put-down anyone. Similarly, refrain from using any profanity or what might be considered offensive language.
10. All the above rules apply to your forum signature and profile as well, so please do not put any religious, political or possibly offensive items in your signature or profile. Images are not allowed in your signature and we like short sigs, so please keep signatures to 5 lines or less (including any blank lines). Finally, unless Moderator-approved, we do not allow links in signatures, and any link in your profile must be appropriate and non-offensive (meaning it must follow the guidelines outlined above and be deemed appropriate by the admin or moderators). We do not allow SPAM, adult or any other link we deem inappropriate and we reserve the right to delete any links or deactivate accounts that do not comply with our guidelines. Thanks for your cooperation - these rules make our job much easier and avoid complaints and debates over what is acceptable.
11. Remember not to share any personal information with other members (in posts or private messages) unless you are sure you want to do so and are willing to have that information displayed publicly.
12. The Poll option has been disabled but may be re-instated at a later date. Only use the Poll option when you really need to do so. A forum filled with polls is not usually conducive to a friendly atmosphere.
13. Remember to check all the resources available on (including previous forum threads) before posting your questions. Although we are all happy to help, more often than not, answers to your basic questions can be found on this very web site.
14. Please remember that does not in any way endorse or support any of the information posted on this forum. Owners are free to express their opinions and give advise but we accept no responsibility for any comments posted on the forum, and we would like to remind owners they should always follow the manufacturer's recommendations in all matters concerning their cars.
15. The moderators are here to help make sure the forum remains a fun and pleasant place to discuss Insight-related issues. We ask that you please abide by their requests concerning the forum. Feel free to call on any of us if you feel any of the forum rules are being broken. Also, please email a moderator or the site admin directly with any suggestions; do not post forum feature suggestions or requests directly in the forum. We will seriously consider all suggestions but the forum need not be cluttered with them.
16. If you have an issue that cannot be resolved by a moderator, contact the site admin. In the rare case where you might disagree with a moderator's decision, contact the site admin but be aware that it is very unlikely that a moderator's decision will be reversed. Any decisions taken by the site admin are final and we reserve the right to deactivate, delete or ban any member at any time for any reason, including non-compliance with the above rules.
17. By posting and taking part in this online community, you agree to abide by the above rules and guidelines. reserves the right to modify any of these terms at any time without advance notice.

As a general rule, this forum is meant to be a pleasant, welcoming place for all Insight enthusiasts. If you find any posts that do not abide by these guidelines or would like to make suggestions concerning the above, please contact the site admin or one of the moderators. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our HELP Section for more information.

The Forum Team
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