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Read Windshield Wiper / Squirter

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Hey everyone,
For some reason my front squirters and wipers work great, but my rear won't even make the noise of squirting and I can't get the wiper to budge.

Anyone have any ideas?
(I just bought it used, 2002 manual) And unfortunately the Insight manual didn't come with it :( )
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I can hear the rear washer pump running but get no fluid. Any common areas where the hose gets pinched? Also, is it possible that the hose will come loose in the roof at the squirter and show up as "wet seat belts"? Lsat time it rained they were both wet, but that is also when I tried to use the rear window washer....
Check that you have water at the rear tube with the nozzle disconected. Nozzle clogging is the primary culprit.
Wet seatbelts are mostly pillar trim / rear quarter window issue, but the rear nozzle could be an issue if it is somehow disconnected.
How do I do the nozzel check? Do I have to drop the whole headliner? Is there a simple way to clean the nozzel?
A fine wire run throught the bore is how I clean mine. No need to drop the headliner
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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