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Real or fake?

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Check out and tell me what you think, real or fake? If fake where/how?
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lakedude said:
Correct, but I'm not sure how you could tell because I couldn't. It was easy to fake. I just zoomed in and copied the lower left vertical bar from the 8 and stuck it on the 5 as you seem to have guessed. Please note that all my pictures are real except this one. A daytime picture might have showed a square box in the copied area but the night time pic is all black so the lines did not show. I still could have touched up a daytime picture with a slight blur or just did the extra segment one pixel at a time.

My point was going to be to show that you can't tel for sure.
nice job. i fooled some others with this one i made:

we can only hope, right? or maybe a little drive off the top of a hot hair balloon :p
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