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After the accident with our CVT we've decided to sell our 5MT and go back to being a 1 Insight family.

I paid a premium for this car because it had low miles and I'm wondering if I got hosed. In the end all cars are only worth what you pay for them, seems like the market has tanked a bit on the G1s though.

What does everyone think?

Pictures: - Album on Imgur

Car was purchased new in Wyoming, did a brief stay in Texas and has been in Colorado for the majority of it's life (last 70k). Zero engine bay and undercarriage corrosion, dry states!

Some light eco-mods to increase MPG. Blocked grill, hot air intake, etc. Lifetime 62.5MPG. I've gotten from 65 to 90 depending on the trip, weather, traffic, nut behind the wheel. I can regularly get 62-3.

99% original, down to the stereo, just some light eco mods, tinted windows
IMA battery is in great shape, nothing funny
No 2nd gear crunch
WSS has been repaired/solved
Good RE92s all around
Newer 12V battery
Good windscreen
New quick release spat hardware
Trunk latch updated with 3D printed parts
Tinted windows
Block heater
OEM Honda rear speaker kit
Fumoto drain plug

The bad:
Light carpet wear, light steering wheel wear
Some corrosion on the seat brackets
Minor scuffs on the rear spat and bumper on the left side, scuffs on the right front bumper but no dents or dings to speak of really

Recent work using all Genuine Honda parts:
All fluids changed, engine oil, transmission fluid (Mobile 1 and Genuine Honda)
Valve lash set and new VCG
New correct index (B) spark plugs
New Air Filter
New PCV valve
New front brake pads
Fresh detail inside and out
44K injector cleaner on the last tank
Interior clips replaced on door sills

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I missed the miles on the car?

Tires in good condition?
The asking prices are all over place on these cars, it's a matter of waiting for the right buyer to come along. The 2000s seem to be between $2500 and $7500 and it is more dependant on the seller then the condition of the car. As a suggestion, you seem to take good care of your car so maybe if you can post a service log or chart with your ad it would help promote the value of your car. Yea, you might have put Mobil 1 in the last oil change but is that with 25k on the car since the last oil change?

The KBB is a good place to start but from what I have seen the values on KBB are about $1000 less then what a decent car in very good to excellent range are going for.

That's my 2 cents,
Pat Jr.

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With PROOF of battery replacement date and mileage I would say about 6-8k. Without the PROOF I would say 4-6k. Sounds like a good little car,with all he problems sorted out.

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Crawlerado, couple of things...

What is WSS? (acronyms here are still killing me)...

Check comparables on ebay... Like this one:

Honda Insight Base Hatchback 3 Door | eBay

Kbb is worthless for these cars... or at least any in decent condition w/ decent ima battery. KBB looks like they assume it needs a battery or all insights are hoopties. Kbb values appear to be $1.5-2k lower than where the value should be.

As a buyer I LOVE the low KBB values, but they just don't reflect what i see with my own eyes on ebay.

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Wet seatbelt (syndrome?)

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Agree with all!
The values swing wildly from under $1000 to $12,500. Huge influence is documented battery condition, and transmission condition.
Also as with other rare exotics or collectibles, history and service record documentation is also a big plus.

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"IMA battery is in great shape, nothing funny"

To me this means be ready to buy a new one. -$2000 from the price.

I would look for "Battery replaced in 2012 with a battery from ...."

With Mobil 1, I would want to have for the life or car. Otherwise it means just at the last change.

Those scuffs are not minor. They are down to the black primer.

My guess at a fair price is $2000-$3000

Fix the paint, give some good news on the battery replaced /reconditioned, and a maintenance history then $4000-$6000.
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