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Realistic price to pay fo man. '04 with A/C?

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Think I may have found one. Considering their lack of popularity with dealers, but popularity with us fanatics, what would a realistic offer be on a new 2004 manual with A/C on a dealers lot?

The factory MSRP (including shipping) is $20,870, and the invoice (including shipping) is $19,526.39.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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Buying used...

I bought my '01 used. It was sold originally in April of 2002, and had been on dealer lots for three months, so what I was actually buying was an 18-month-used Insight CVT with 26,000 miles. For $10,850. Beautiful condition, definitely babied, with a careful driver who'd met the EPA average at 55.1 lifetime MPG. Couldn't be more satisfied.

However, you must be warned if buying new that the Insight drops value like a rock. Resale value of a Civic stays higher. The demand is very low, as is the supply, and it's easy to find Insights for sale used now for cheap -- as long as you're willing to have them shipped or drive them long distances :)

I wouldn't pay more than $20,000 for a brand-new Insight if I could avoid it. Even with that, I'd be underwater on the value for three years if I took out a five-year loan...
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