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Rear ABS brake sensor

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I just posted my problem with my O2 sensor and I have a second sensor problem with the anti-lock brakes. The Rear Passenger brake sensor needs to be replaced.

Has anyone replaced this on their own? How difficult is it to do?

Are 3rd party sensors available?


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Actually I figured out my problem with the brake sensor. I took the car in to a Honda Dealer to have the problem diagnosed with their computer...they told me that the rear right sensor was bad and that it would cost me approximately $350 to fix.

I left the "problem" alone until this fall when I put my snow tires on. While inspecting the wiring going to the rear right sensor, I found that either a squirrel or mouse ate the wire!!! The problem was never the sensor itself, but a eaten-in-two cable. I spliced it back together at its working again.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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