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ncnightowl said:
SeanW said:
Rick said:
Now I wouldn't think they are using an impact wrench on your oil pan but do you really thing they take the torque wrench out every time they change your oil?
Off hand, do you know what the oil drain plug is supposed to be torqued to?
What should the wheels be torqued to?
It took a while to find but on page 18-6 of the Service Manual it says "108 N-m (11.0 kg-m, 80 lbf-ft)".

The next time I rotate the tires I also plan to add a little anti-seize to the threads to prevent future problems. To date, the only work I have had done on the car by the dealer (or any shop for that matter) has been the recalls and yearly State inspection that requires the removal of one wheel. I change my oil, rotate my tires and plan to change the anti-freeze at three years as required for the 2000's (2001's get 10 years until the first anti-freeze change - go figure). I have not had any problems at the dealer but all of the horror stories about too much oil added during a change, over torquing of bolts and drain plugs, etc. scares me from even giving them one chance at it.
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