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Rear collision

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Have a 02 silver CVT. On Sun. the 20th. was involved in a rear collision.Was stopped at light and pushed into the intersection.I must admit after reading the articles on how hard parts are to get after I stopped seeing stars I was worried just how much damage had occured.Iam surprised to say the cover was cut and it doesn't appear to have alot of damage.My question is this , after such an impact what about the batteries? After taking it to the body shop Iwas surprised that it will be over a 1200.00 dollars . But my main concern is the batteries. What do you think.
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i wouldnt worry about it. the reason i ended up with my insight is about the same as what happened to yours. it was sitting at an intersection (red light) and the lady behind didnt bother to stop. but instead of being shoved out into the intersection, mine (to be) was shoved under a lifted pickup truck! :shock: no problem with the batteries. they were already showing signs of old age, and they quit a year later. normal end-of-life-codes. no damage to the battery compartment. i just banged out the trunk area, resealed the seams that opened up, installed a used bumper bar and cover, and replaced the damaged parts in the front (radiator surround, hood, headlight buckets, one fender. good as new! 8)
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