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Rear hatch Acctuator

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Arrghh, alas poor MIZR is ailing!! After over 70000 semi carefree miles!!
As I was unloading My Tech Inspection gear at the race track last night I went to open the rear hatch only to find it wouldn't work with the release button. I could hear a funky whinning noise and knew MIZR was hurt. I had to use the key lock to acctuate the rear hatch release (which it does have a mechanical linkage over ride), no electric release utilizing the button.
This morning being the mechanical guy I am, I dissassembled the lock mechanisim (ahhh the fun of taking something apart to see what makes it tick) and discoverd the rear hatch actuator motor had a very small plastic dog/slip clutch on the gear train that had broken (appears to be one of those 25 cent parts made of unobtainium) and no amount of "creative enginering" was goin to repair it. So its off to order a actuator assembly at a cost of approxiamtely $51.00. I must say I am amazed at the ingenuity of Honda in designing the rear hatch electric release acctuator, it is a mechancial marvel in its complex yet simple way it perform's the task of moving the latch release lever.
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Take pictures of the part when it was... well... "a-part"? sorry, found that funny, but the question is still serious.
Rear Hatch

Come on Earl, I know we can design something better and cheaper. How about a simple electrical solenoid in conjunction with a pressure spring? :twisted:
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