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Rear hatch struts/shocks failed. Where to order?

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I saw another thread on this but I still can't find a place to order the rear hatch struts other than the dealer, who wants an arm and a leg. The problem is my rear hatch won't stay in the up position. The struts are shot and the dealer want $80 each plus shipping! Any advice on where I can order these?


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How about this thread?...

JoeCVT - Just your average CVT owner
Is it easy to replace them?

Mine doesn't stay up too. I asked repair cost the local dealer before. I don't remember the exact price I was given, but I felt it's too much.

I want to try to repair by myself if it could be done with simple tools.

You might want to carry a towel, garbage bag and duct tape with you just in case for the time being. They may eventually start leaking. Curious, what year is the car? I believe they switched to some beefier ones in mid 01, so let us know if you get a bigger one.

Also, you could just remove the rear wiper and it would probably be fine. :D
OK, so here was the reply majestichonda sent to me:

<[email protected]> to me
Thank you for the order. Unfortunately, the STAYS are considered pressurized item. We are not licence to ship these products. We are sorry to inform you that the order has been cancelled. There are no charges against your account.

So where do I go now? There must be a place I can order Insight parts other than the dealer. Anybody? :oops:
I know that if you can determine the compressed length, extended length (mounting eyelet to mounting eyelet) and bearing weight you can usualy order some generic replacements from your average local auto parts store. If in the US (or Canada?) I would try NAPA first, they stock just about everything under the sun!

They must have changed to a new policy because I did buy two from
them online only a year and a half ago and they shipped them to
another state. (New Hampshire)

JoeCVT - Just your average CVT owner
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