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Rear license plate light housing?

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I received my license plates for my new Insight today, and when I was mounting the rear plate, I noticed something that was rather odd -- there's fairly large openings around the rear license plate lamp that look as if there should be some sort of know, some plastic lens or covering. There's even screw-holes in the bumper where such a thing would be mounted.

Is this normal, or should there actually be some kind of covering there?

It's on the underside of the lip above the license plate, so there's little chance of rain or anything getting into the bumper, but I'm just mildly concerned.
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No thats normal. There is no cover on it of any sorts. Kinda wierd, but it's not just your car. I think the places where the screw holes are has something to do with the lighting options for european style plates.

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Search for previous posts on this topic - we agreed it is a great place to hide your stash! :D
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