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Rear Skirt Problem

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While driving down the road recently at 70 MPH in my still under warranty 01 Insight, I heard a sort of "bump" in the right rear. I immediately pulled to the side of the road. I found that the front skirt fastener had come out, the skirt had dropped to the pavement and then been twisted back underneath, hanging on by the rear fastener. Both the skirt and the bracket/stay were damaged. My local dealer was pretty unsympathetic, and I asked them to contact someone higher up the food chain. Two days later I was told that the district service manager had suggested that I contact my insurance company. I won't offend anyone with what I think of that response. From the forum, I know that many of you have also lost a fastener, and I previously lost one with no resulting damage. The dealer is now checking the Honda tech line for similar instances, but I am concerned with how diligently dealers have entered this info.

If you have had a fastener come out, please post a response with your VIN. Also, please note if any damage resulted. I plan to use this as ammunition to get Honda to cover this problem. This is really a matter of principle as new parts for repair can be had for less than $200. I am otherwise very happy with my Insight and have had no other issues.

Thanks in Advance,
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Purchased my 00 insight in 01 at Ed Volyes Honda after the first trip home I was waxing the car. I noticed a missing bolt.... Unsure if it was on when purchased or not. But what I do no is I went and complained. We drove a golf cart to the back lot and the dealer just took one of a new unsold Insight..
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