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Rear Speaker Sizes

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Does anyone here the Honda rear speaker kit in their car Insight?

If anyone could measure the OUTSIDE diameter of the speaker MOUNTING I would be extreamly gratefull, I think I have fiund some small subs that my just fit, I just need a check on diameter.
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Hi Mark

I went out to my Insight this evening to get a rear speaker cover off and double check for you. Unfortunately it was just too dark to be messing around. I will double check at the weekend for you - if no-one else gets back to you first.
I tought it was 16 cm. I just put them in there, verry nice improvement.
Yep, it is 16cm.

Mark - Following my earlier post, I dug out the link for my speaker photos, see below. There is a photo of both back left and back right speaker holes. ... +Right.jpg

Under the loose grey plastic trim, you can see the bare metal which has in-built soft plastic screw holes. Sorry, there does not appear to be any spare room for larger speakers without cutting etc; note the pipework nearby. HTH.

If that can be of help, there is a PDF document, the installation instructions for the Honda rear speaker, on the Insight Group: ... peaker.pdf
You need to have an account to see it but if you can not seee it and you want to see it, I could email it to you (108 Kb, 2 pages).
Thanks all, what I really need to know still is the outside diameter of the grey housing that the speakers fit into, if it's around 175mm all will be fine, the hole is large enough for the magnet & if I use a 20mm thick spacer the basket will clear.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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