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Rear Speakers

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I have replaced my front speakers with Infinity's. Great improvement.

While fiddeling I pulled one of the rears. They have the same rear cover as the fronts. I there really a mosture hazard? Has anyone had a rear "leak"?

I assume that a longer travel speaker would give better bass. It also opens up other options.

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It should be bone dry back there unless you drive into a lake. :roll: :D

You are limited by a plastic duct on the passenger side when choosing the magnet size of the speaker. I machined a circular rim that brings my rear speakers forward a half inch. Putting speakers with a high frequency response back there is a total waste of effort. They fire into the back of the seats. :shock: Putting dedicated woofers back there with a crossover will give you a buzz. Have fun. :lol:

"Round is good". Long travel is better. :wink:
Thanks for your concern John. We blasted a new road two years ago. Thoughts of the old road still haunt my memory. :shock:
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