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Rear spoiler removal - a description of the process

This is an old discussion, but I just removed and replaced my spoiler and can share some details about the process.

The spoiler is attached in five places:
- Two black metal star-patterned screws at the far left and right of the spoiler, accessed by opening the hatchback and looking up.
- Two of those famous Honda hidden one-way plastic clips. The two here are large and, fortunately, are included when you buy a replacement spoiler.
- One bolt in the exact center of the spoiler, accessed by removing a large section of grey plastic interior trim.

The process goes like this:

1) From the outside of the car, take a look at the rear center brake light. On the left and right side of the red lens you'll see a roughly triangular insert. With a narrow flat blade screwdriver or, even better, a thin spatula, pry out these inserts to gain access to the mounting screws beneath. They will likely break, so plan on gluing them back when you are done. Now remove the newly-exposed mounting screws, which will partially free the brake light from the spoiler. Don't try to remove the light further just yet.

2) Open the hatchback and remove the two black metal star-pattern bolts at the far left and right of the spoiler. These face down and are easily accessed. In a pinch, a metric hex wrench will work instead of a star. If you can't see the bolts, look closer to the edge of the hatchback - they are right near the edges.

3) Remove the two small grey plastic clips holding the grey interior plastic trim in place. These are to the right and left of the chrome loop in the center of the hatch that points downward and acts as the hatchback latch. The clips are about 3" apart.

4) With your hands, pry the grey plastic trim piece off by starting near the plastic clips you removed. The trim piece is held by four metal clips and four plastic clips that, fortunately, do not break when removed. Just pry slowly and carefully.

5) Now that you have access to the inside of the rear hatch area, remove the bolt in the center of the spoiler. It's a tall hex bolt about 8mm or so that is partially recessed.

6) Working from the outside, pry off the spoiler by pulling it rearward, not up. Your goal is to break the remaining two clips. Just pry - no tools needed. Do not "yank" the spoiler off because the rear center brake light will still be attached. Alternatively, you can free the left clip from the inside by pinching the white plastic one-way clip with pliers. Access to the right clip is blocked by the rear wiper motor. If you are able to remove the spoiler by breaking the clips, then you do not need to remove the wiper motor.

7) With the spoiler now loose, remove the brake light by slipping it through the spoiler. You do not need to break any connections to do so. Disassembly is now complete.

Reassembly consists of re-doing the above steps in roughtly reverse order: 1) Thread the brake light through the new spoiler and screw it into place 2) Snap the new spoiler into place, engaging the two clips 3) re-attached the center hex bolt 4) re-attach the two star-patterned bolts 4) Snap the interior plastic trim back into place and secure with the two plastic plugs, new ones if you broke the old ones like I did. 5) Close the hatch and re-glue the two access pieces to the red brake light lens.

I'm a new Insight owner and noticed the left edge of the spoiler not secure. Since the left clip on it was broken I decided to remove the spoiler so I removed the center nut and right hold down screw and got the left white clip loose. There still seams to be something holding the spoiler down at the wiper motor. I'm guessing there is another white clip there, do I have to remove the wiper motor assy to get access to the clip? I didn't want to break something by forcing it.
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