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The first thing that should "always" be done when checking for any electrical malfunction is to check "the fuses".

A long time ago, Govt. regulations requested a "safety factor" to all automobile manufactures in that the electrical circuits were designed in all vehicles so that the "dash lights" would go out when the tail lights were lost.

Lesson learned?
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I never knew this about the dash lights. My white dash lights went out about two days ago, but the instrument leds stayed on.
I didn't realize the tail lights (and the parking lights) were out until I used the key-less entry from behind the car. Nice feature.
Fuse # 15 was blown, a 10 amp mini spade type.
Autozone (love those guys) replaced it for the cost of a five pack ( ~ $4.00) of fuses. Just the thing for an old fat guy.:)
Fuse #15 is on the under dash fuse box, bottom rear, second slot (near the door). The #14 fuse slot next to it was empty. First blown fuse I've had with the car in 11+ years.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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