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So I searched and searched, but couldn't find a thread on this - please help.

Tonight I was alerted by another motorist that my rear taillights were not working, to my surprise. I have done a bit of troubleshooting, but unfortunately nothing has worked. Both left and right taillight are not working.

Here is what I tried:
- Checked Fuse #27 / 7.5amp - Back Light, also swapped with another 7.5amp, both good.
- Looked for any other fuses related to rear light, taillight, back light - none found; is there relays for this?
- Disassembled the rear light to check the bulb - looks good, have none to swap with at this time, will pick some up tomorrow.

Things to note, both the brake light and turn signal light do work. The information on the rear taillight is - Toshiba 921 12V W16W A12V18W

I thought back to the most recent thing I changed about the car and the only thing I did was install a stereo. So I took back out the stereo to check to see if that was the culprit (my only real suspension was the blue power antenna wire that is supposed to boost the am play back & thinking the orange dimmer wires that weren't hooked up - I thought this because I thought the a/c panel has backlights as well, do they?), unfortunately this was not the culprit.

Please help, my only hope left before electrical is that both lights quincidently went out at the same time, I doubt it, but hope.


Key Search Words: Rear , Tail , Light , Rearlight , Taillight
If you can afford it, your best investment is the Honda Service manual for your year of car. It can save you hundreds if not thousands on repairs. It is for sale at for about $70.00. It makes it easy to replace bulbs, fuses, whatever. If not mechanically inclined, maybe a friend can help you...
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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