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Can anyone help me?
I recently took my Insight for a service at a main Honda dealers and when I collected it they informed me that I had 1 wheel panel bolt missing!! ( I didn't when it entered the garage !!). To cut a long story short, my panel pulled back it the poring rain on the motorway, luckily causing no damage but in my haste to get out of the rain and off the hardshoulder I lost the other bolt :cry: . So, Honda now want £63 pounds off me for 2 bolts and receptors. I'm not prepared to pay that amount so for the time being they're being replaced by cable ties.

Does anyody know of a cheap alternative to the genuine Honda bolts?

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Hi Dave

Dowsingthomas manufactured and sold Clevis bolts & pins here in the UK. I have them on my car and can recommend them. He may have a few left and they will certainly be cheaper (& better designed) than OEM. I tried selling them on eBay for him and if you do a completed listings search on, you may still be able to find a picture of them. Check out this topic here: ... php?t=3726

I suggest you e-mail / PM Dowsingthomas for more information.
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