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Rear Window Defogger... top 2 lines

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I've had my 2002 Insight CVT for about 2 months. Last week we finally had our coldest morning to where the rear window needed to be de-fogged. I noticed that the top 2 lines don't work. I called a local Honda Dealer who said "They're not supposed to work... they are your antenna". To which I replied, "If those top 2 lines are my antenna, why to I have another antenna sticking out of the roof?" Bottom line here... does anybody know if all of the lines on my rear window defogger are supposed to heat up and clear away the fog? Thanks. Jim
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Yup :!:

All the grid lines in an Insight are for the defogger. Many Accords and Acuras have some lines as a multilpe antenna. (the also have a "standard" antenna stick).

So the dealer was 1/2 right but didn't know his Insight (yawn). Sad but commonly true. And the guys in the shop that would know, or know where to look to find it, don't answer the phone for a living. ;)

Service Manual p.g. 22-103-105 detail function and possible repairs. Most commonly somebody gets agressive with a razor scraper and gouges off _hunk_ of grid line or *two* before :idea: oops :!: goes off ;)

Such damage isn't covered under warranty. Hairline cracks and gouges up to 1" are repairable. See the SM for the proceedure.

HTH! :)
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