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rear wiper [should be obvious]

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I know when i first got my insight from the dealer i was amazed at how useless the rear wiper seemed with the stock 12" (or it could have been smaller!) blade.

The first "mod" (although it's not necessarily a mod in the true sense of the word) was to snap a 28" blade on that arm. If you haven't done this, go to walmart, buy a new wiper blade and snap it on. the 28" _barely_ fits but it clears almost all viewable area from the rear.

I am amazed as every insight I have seen on the road still has the dinky wiper blade which wipes only a small amount of area. you don't have to be blind!
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Maybe it's just me, but I have never used the rear wiper. Do you use it for rain, or for cleaning?

I do put silicone treatment (Rain X) on all the glass, so maybe that 's why I don't need the wiper. I also wash the car fairly regularly, so it's not dirty, either.

Just curious.
Alright, one of you guys want to point to a thread or give some info on how you plugged the hole? Yes, I looked. Cant' find a thread here if one if it exists.
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