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Rebates, Credits, and Incentives to Buy

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I posted a message a month ago about a rebate offered by Pennsylvania for the purchase of fuel efficient autos like the Insight.
Well, I sent my application at least a month ago...and haven't heard anything. No check, no nothing. So I went back to the web site and PA now indicates the offer is CLOSED. Oh well, maybe PA is just slow and I will still get $500. I am not holding my breath.
Reminds me of the experience with the Federal tax credit. First the dealer says "You should be eligible for about $1300 back from the Feds". While waiting for delivery I get a new message from the dealer, "The Feds don't give the credit for the manual transmission version of the Insight, only for the CVT." Some incentive for the MOST fuel efficient car.

On another note...did anyone else see the article in CNN about the top fuel efficient vehicles. The Insight was really dissed. Harsh ride, impractical, gas saving don't pay for the expense, etc., etc. The article goes on to recommend the Corvette :? Someone is really missing the major issues...but it is not the Insight owners 8)
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Federal Tax Credit

My accountant is real sharp, does his home work. I know there has been some debate, and confusion, as to who gets what, for credits and such. When prepping to file taxes this year, I mentioned this to him. He said he'd look into it. My taxes came back for me to sign with a $2000 federal deduction for my '05 MT Insight. I'll let you know how it goes.
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