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Hi all,
20200906_170745.jpg 20200906_170759.jpg 20200906_170807.jpg 20200907_082913.jpg 20200906_170912.jpg 20200907_081825.jpg 20200907_082209.jpg 20200906_170751.jpg 20200907_083319.jpg
As the heading mentions I have a Red 2000 MT-5 for sale.
188,500 miles. (61.5 Lifetime mpg)
Has new VA inspection (12 months)
Please reach out with any questions via the Conversations option or you are welcome to email me at [email protected] or call 703-862-4010
Two previous owners (NC & Southern VA) I am the third and live in Northern VA.
Clean Carfax (see photos)
Hybrid battery replaced in 2013 (according to Carfax) previous owner tells me he had it replaced by Honda 2 yrs ago under confusing circumstances. He asked for 12v battery to be replaced but they replaced the Hybrid battery by mistake (this is word of mouth and I have no corroborating evidence) They cut him a deal on the price but it is not on the Carfax report. Battery performs very well so this may be accurate.

The Good
Car drives as it should with the exception of noisy tires
3 keys and 2 remotes - all work
Hybrid Automotive grid charger installed
Hybrid battery assists and charges as it should
Autostop works as it should
Spare wheel, jack, wrench etc all look unused
No codes or warning lights
Transmission works as it should and has a quiet and positive gear shift movement
12v battery is 2yrs old and is in good condition
4 good OEM tires (but are loud) (see photos)
Includes 4 new 155/70/14 tires
Interior is very clean and without scuffs or damage (see photos)
Seats are clean and without any damage (see photos)
Includes OEM Insight floor mats (see photos)
HVAC works as it should
Headliner is like new
Electric windows work as they should
All 4 Dzuz fasteners are present
Alloy engine bay plate (see photos)

Recent Repairs
Oil and filter change within last 50 miles
Rear suspension bushes replaced with RuffStuff conversion (see photos)
Both rear brake lines (hard) replaced along with both (soft) lines
Rear brakes dismantled and clean - new shoes installed (rear cylinders were in good condition)
New HVAC filter
All ground straps replaced with new (not OEM)
New rotors and pads
New valve cover gasket
New air filter housing rubbers

The Bad
All 4 tires are in good condition and are not dry rotted but are noisy. I have 4 new (unused) 155/70/14 tires that are included in the sale.
Front bumper has a tear in it (see photos)
Rear bumper has two areas where the paint is cracked from light impacts
Right rear skirt has seen better days. Tho not damaged as such the paint work is chipped pretty good (see photos)
Golf ball sized dent in hood (see photos)
Rear spoiler has some scratches (see photos)
The front bumper and hood has picked up road rash from its 188k miles
Windscreen as a small stone chip on lower passenger side.

Spare Parts to be Included
4 unused 155/70/14 tires
Passenger side Headlight unit (excellent condition)
New EGR valve (non OEM)
New EGR plate gasket
New A-pillar trim clips (20)
Pack of new body trim clips
Excellent (used) window switch
Hybrid Automotive Grid Charger with light bulb discharger installed and working as it should.

Thanks a bunch folks. I am selling due to the fact that I live on 2 mile dirt road and, frankly, I feel it is too good for me to abuse traveling up and down it. I also need to replace the HVAC in my house so realistically it has to go. It is a lovely little car and performs really well. I have put about 200 miles on it since the inspection and it is quiet (other than the tires) has plenty of performance from the hybrid system and all functions work as they should.

I have many more photos and a video of the Hybrid system working if you'd like to see it but am not able to post it here for some reason.
Open to any questions, inspections or test drives.

Thanks - Chris


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