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Redlined my CVT Insight 3 times today...confused...

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Leaving a tollbooth today I had the car in "S" mode and gave it 50% throttle, when the revs got up to about 4K or so then mashed the throttle to the floor. For some reason I happened to watch the tach and I noticed the RPMs climb to 6K, the red light blinked (rev limiter), the car hesitated (fuel cut), then when the fuel kicked back in the front wheels spun and the car redlined again. I let off the gas and accelerated lighter and I was just stunned. I was able to duplicate the redlining <sp> at least 2 more times as I tried to figure out what was going on. Simply flooring the car out of nowhere would cause the revs to climb up to 6K RPM. If I eased into the throttle instead of just jamming on it it would stay steady at 5.5K RPM.

I don't know much about automatic transmissions, can someone explain if this could be the equivelant of a standard car's clutch slipping? Could this be CVT-related?

Note: My Insight has 15.8K miles on it and was just serviced (oil change, etc) yesterday.
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