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Reflex Blade, PERFECT FIT for insight

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I picked up 3 of these a week ago, and they fit the insights windshield like a glove. I am a bit weary of winter performance, but they are snug to the glass from end to end, very impressive
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Looks like a nice design. :D
I've been using those wiper blades on the Insight for over 1 year now.
They are the best wipers for summer and winter I have ever used.

As a bonus, they look like the most aerodynamic wipers on the market :wink:

Mercedes uses wipers of a very similar design in their $100,000+ cars....
That is good to hear, I was afftraid they might not be strong enough in the snow

I have always been disapointed with winshield blades on the insight since they always come off the glass near the passanger side window post, but not these. And yes, they are very sleek looking as well!

16 inch?

I have 19" on passenger side
20" on driver side
nd 23" on rear.
All Trico.
I prefer 16" all around because their shorter length causes more pressure per unit length therefore much more force to wipe stuff off the glass.
Also it allows me to rotate the wipers more often.
New wiper always goes on the divers side. the drivers wiper moves to the passenger side, and then the passenger side moves to the rear.

The 16" wiper also clears the sponsor decal I have along the top of my windshield.

view bigger version of photo here
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8) OK, so where is the best place to buy a set?
I've only seen them at Canadian Tire stores
The Valeio's at Tire Rack look similar:

Guillermo will appreciate that they exceed "H" speed rating. ;) :p

A bit off topic but has anyone tried silicone blades :?:

e.g.: ... page/45031
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wiper blades

the Reflex blades are US made by Trico, and sold in the US under the name "Innovision" ... tion_id=65

It took a little searching to find this info (not much) - found it on a UK Ford truck BB...

I've looked at the silicone blades, but never tried them. The best blades I've used so far are Bosch Carbon.

I'd like to purchase 3 of the Canadian Tire REFLEX wiper blades but they don't ship to the USA. I read somewhere ( here or some other forum ??) that they are sold in the USA as TRICO Innovision. I called TRICO but they never responded. Several local Autozones don't seem to carry them at all. Does anyone know if the two brands are somewhat comparable ?

Ooops---Sorry, I guess I should have reread this thread before I posted my question about TRICO & REFLEX wiper blades. The TRICO seems pretty close when I looked at them just now online. Thanks for the link.

I found something similar to the ones you have been talking about, but these are by Bosch.

I just got a set of these for my 4runner and I am extremely impressed with them, I'm going to get a set for the Insight! I forgot what they are calling them here in the US, but they are called Aerotwin in Europe and apparently come standard on many high end euopean cars.

Bosch UK "Aerotwin"

I guess they are so new that they aren't even listed on the Bosch US site yet, Bosch says they will last twice as long as practically any other wiper.

I used to think that my winshield being that it was very old, must have been pretty badly pitted because even with new wipers they would still leave alot of tiny dribblings behind each pass of the wipers, I had even tried double wipers, and I was using good wipers mind you and this was happening!! These new Bosch blades wipe PERFECTLY even on my old windshield, needless to say I am extremely impressed with these wipers and think they are worth every cent! :D

I know they at least have them at Advance Autoparts but they are not listed on the advance site yet either :?: And there is a mail in rebate for a $15 advance autoparts prepaid card with the purchase of any two blades :!: If anyone is looking to try and get a set of this type of blade without having to mailorder.

Well, I checked out the Valeio blades you guys were talking about and WOW the Bosch blades I bought are WAY cheaper, they were $14.99 at Advance for a 17" blade...
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be forwarned, if any of you live in northern areas, these blades will not only flex aroudn the windshield, but also snow and ice, which it will not move.
If you park under trees, or drive where there are bugs out at night, it's worthwhile to go over your windshield once in a while with a razor blade to scrape them off. Regular washing doesn't do a very good job with sap and shellac...
I hope I didn't just waste my money. I purchased 3 of the Trico "Innovision" wiper blades because the Trico Rep. finally called back and confirmed that they are indeed the same as Canadian Tire's "Reflex". However, now I'm concerned after reading the post from Fuji that they aren't any good at removing snow etc. Tell me it ain't so... because I live in Massachusetts and we get lots of snow & ice.

You should always remove all the snow from the car before driving.
Using any wipers to remove 1 inch of snow from the windshield of a parked car is never a good idea.
When it's snowing hard my 16" reflex wipers easily keep the windshield clear.
Last week we had a good first dumping of snow where i live (7 inches) These performed quiet well in the snow, that was my only concern but they did perform well
I finally grabbed the wrapping from my new blades out of the back of my car and discovered that the "aerotwin" blades are known as Bosch "Icon" blades in the US.

I dunno about that snow/ice comment. We actually got a little over an inch of snow the day I bought mine. It seemed to move snow as well as any other blade. I've never had a blade that would move anything that was actually frozen to the windshield in the first place. But these moved anything that isn't frozen down pretty well (there was about a 5" drift on the bottom of my windshield when I drove my car after the snow stopped and it had been sitting on the car for several hours, these blades brushed it right off!)
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