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I have a refurbished IMA battery giving me issues. Long story short, all 20 sticks were reconditioned, load tested and self discharged over 3 weeks and the voltage spread was .12v over all 10 pairs after 3 weeks. Upon installation, it immediately throws a P1445 code which points to bypass contactor. The battery is charging, but assist, SOC and regen are off. I've searched the threads and there are numerous suggestions. The suggestions I'm finding online say:

Bypass Contactor - need to replace 100A fuse and/or bypass contactor
Fuse Wiring - several discussions about faulty wiring
Connectors - several comments about cleaning contact surfaces

I know all the battery sticks are good and pack is balanced, so junction boards were swapped and still get the P1445 immediately.

For some reason, it sounds like the bypass contactor is not getting activated properly if both junction boards are throwing the P1445 code. It appears there are 2 relays that must get activated first coming from the light blue harness between the DC/DC and IMA battery.

I read another thread and it suggests: 1) Bypass contactor might be stuck on or stuck off or not receiving any power. 2) It might be a problem in the MDM (Motor Drive Module) voltage converter module not relaying the voltage correctly to the MCM (Motor Control Module). Harnesses have been unplugged and repluged numerous times to ensure no dodgy connections and the IMA ground and engine ground wires have been inspected knowing bad ground wires can cause weird issues. Considering both junction boards are throwing the same code with a balanced pack, I feel like there's something wrong outside the battery.

Any other thoughts?
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